in the footsteps of the Tour de France 2017

On August 6th 2017

Celebrating the BALES with the mountain passes of the July 13th stage of the Tour de France 2017.

On August 6th 2017, the Montréjeau Cyclo Club, the villages of Izaourt and Samuran and all volunteers of the Barousse and the Comminges area welcome you to the 15th anniversary edition of this spectacular bike race in the Pyrenees.

Only 3 weeks after the Tour de France the route will take you to Port Balès, Peyresourde, Peyragude and the Col des Ares. This anniversary edition highlights the Balès pass.


''La Barroussaise'' 120 km – the long route

This route takes you up the Barousse pass, then down the Oueil valley, before climbing the mythical Peyresourde. Next you'll ride 3 km downhill, then back up to Peyragudes and then down to St-Aventin-la Colonne. You'll climb back up the Balès Pass through the Oueil valley. Finally there is a 25km downhill ride to the finish line.


''L'ourse'' 110 km – the short route

After St-Aventin-la Colonne you won't climb back up the Balès Pass. You'll reach the finish line in Izaourt via the Luchon valley after an easy ride of about 30 km.

The “Randotouristique” offers hikers a 60 km-long walk. The same route will also be open to electric bike users.


As in the Tour de France 2017 you'll go up the Ares, a pretty but very easy pass (797 m) going through numerous small villages. On your way you will be able to admire the majestic cathedral in St-Bertrand de Comminges before finishing at the typical mountain village of Samuran where you are offered a meal with typical local products.


The Organizers







 The story behind the logo ...


The BARROUSSE-BALES has its own logo, created in 2002. All its elements are

characteristics of the Barousse valley. There are the green MOUNTAINS and their peaks. The rushing WATER of the OURSE stream, the shining sun, the STAG and its ANTLERS, the BIKE frame of the ''65'' French department of the HAUTES-PYRENEES.




Pupils imagined the logo at a school competition organized by the MOMTREJEAU CYCLO CLUB.

The BARROUSSE-BALES has become an essential ascent to go from the BAROUSSE valley to OUEIL valley, then to the PEYRESOURDE pass and to LUCHON.


Thus were born new adventures and exploits amid a challenging, cultural organization in HAUTE-GARONNE and the HAUTES-PYRENEES.




At the TOUR DE FRANCE, the TOUR D'ESPAGNE, the Route du Sud, the Haute ROUTE, professional races as well as amateur races and hikes, cyclists and tourists are happy to discover the spectacular view of the pass at 1755m between France and Spain.



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